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3D Printing and Micro-Manufacturing in the Humanitarian Space

The potentially transformative nature of technology is always seductive to the humanitarian community.  Technologies often serve as vessels to carry a vision of a better future.   It seems too that over the last decade every consumer electronic or social media site is sold as a ‘disruptive’ technology.  The humanitarian community gravitates to such ‘disruptive’ […]

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RAPIDCast is operational!

With a special thanks to PEACESAT, IEPAS’ RAPIDCast broadcast and service is now operational.  The broadcast has been running on GE23 via Pactel for sometime, however, we have been testing and needed to prove a ground station.  PEACESAT assembled a station at their facilities in Hawaii earlier.  Today we were able to confirm receipt of test […]

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Photos from the Field: RAPIDCast Test Setup

RAPIDCast non-penetrating roof mount constructed at PEACESAT.  PEACESAT will be testing the hardware specification before shipping of units to remote sites.  

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