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Update on the MMA Weather Station

We have been a little remiss in reporting progress on the MMA Weather Station over the last few months, but we’ve had some early prototypes out in the elements for testing and we learned some important lessons on durability and reliability. Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to: Outer Shell and Structure Aside […]

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Government Shutdown- IEPAS Activities

RANET / IEPAS systems, such as the Chatty Beetle, RAPIDCast, and RAW SMS, will be unaffected by the Government shutdown.  IEPAS operates under a Cooperative Agreement / grant, and no systems are on or tied to Federal facilities.  Information feeds from Federal partners, which our systems rely upon, such as for tsunami, are likely to […]

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GEONETCast IS9 to IS21 Transition Complete

Intelsat transitioned from IS9 to IS21.   Per earlier notifications GEONETCast Americas users should not notice any change or alteration in the broadcast, nor do users have to change antenna positions.  There was a brief multi-hour data outage, however, the broadcast should have caught up with the backlog.

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