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3D Printed Circuit Board

Because our own Mr. Steinson would not claim the credit for himself, I give to you the ‘Steinson Circuit Board’; a circuit board made with a 3D printer using ABS plastic.   For size reference, a U.S. quarter is just slightly smaller than the square.  To complete it a resistor, amplifier IC (placed on the […]

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Using PLA for Long-Term Outdoor Applications

Eh….probably not….but maybe. Some of the structural components we have designed for the weather station have been developed on a 3D printer that uses PLA.  PLA is great as the warping is less than with ABS.  This is particularly important for larger pieces or those with extremely thin walls, such as the Stevenson screen.  Typically […]

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Small Scale 3D Printing Versus Injection Molding for Small Runs

Injection molding provides a number of advantages over most additive fabrication techniques, such as 3D extrusion printers.   Even with small, manually operated appliances, the parts produced on an injection mold machine will have a better finish and greater strength than those produced by a filament extrusion 3D printer.  Also, injection mold machines can typically support […]

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