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IEPAS works to improve communication of key hydrometeorological information in remote regions.

The IEPAS program engages in research and undertakes projects to improve rural and remote communication of meteorological information. IEPAS assists in the development of communication tools, provides training, and manages pilot and quasi-operational systems. The program operates in Africa, Asia, Pacific region, Central America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Primary support for the program is provided by the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) within its Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance. Funding is provided through an inter-agency agreement with the NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) International Activities Office (IAO). IEPAS programs are administered by the COMET Program, part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Community Programs.

The IEPAS program grew out of RANET (Radio and Internet for the Communication of Hydro-Meteorological and Climate Related Information) efforts, and it was established to address a wider range of communication issues than that undertaken by RANET.



Paul Kucera, Assistant Director for International Capacity Development
Paul Kucera
COMET Assistant Director
Manager for International Capacity Development
pkucera@ucar.edu | +1. 303. 497. 2807

Paul is the Director of International Capacity Development at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado in the United States. He received his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa in 2002. He has over 25 years of research and weather application development experience in the field of hydrometeorology. His technical expertise is in weather radar, development of weather observation systems, satellite meteorology, numerical weather prediction, and tropical meteorology. He is leading the sensor development in the 3D-printed automatic weather station (3D-PAWS) project.

Martin Steinson, Project Manager
Martin Steinson
Project Manager
steinson@ucar.edu | +1. 703. 930. 3061

Martin is a Project Manager with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, based in the headquarters of US National Weather Service in the United States.  He is a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in Engineering for Rural Development from Cranfield University in the UK. He has over 30 years of international experience in a range of fields including appropriate technology, energy and environment, water supply and sanitation, and low cost construction. He is leading the mechanical engineering design in the 3D printed automatic weather station (3 D-PAWS) project.

Tara Torres, Program Coordinator
Tara Torres
Program Coordinator
tara@ucar.edu | +1. 303. 497. 8694

Tara is the Program Coordinator for the International Extension and Public Alert System (IEPAS) Program operating under the Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET) which is part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research’s (UCAR’s) Community Programs (UCP). She has been with UCAR for almost 20 years and has been with the program since its beginning working directly with the program creator, Kelly Sponberg. She has been an integral part of the of the program’s administration and growth. Tara works closely with sponsors and other partners to ensure successful completion of projects and appropriate allocation of resources.

IEPAS Global Activities

Map of IEPAS global activities, December 2018

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