Core Programs and Projects

IEPAS maintains a number of ongoing projects and initiatives:

3D Printed Automatic Weather Station (3D-PAWS) Initiative

RANET Projects:

  • RANET Alert Watcher (RAW) provides tsunami threat information via SMS to Pacific and Caribbean regional and national personnel involved in public warning and emergency management. The service is in the final stages to becoming operational.
  • The Chatty Beetle is both a terminal and a system designed to provide text based weather alerts and notifications to remote locations where other communications do not exist, are unreliable, or where a simple notification is needed.
  • GEONETCast (Broadcasts)
  • Pacific HF / VHF Networks / (HRIT/EMWIN)
  • RAPIDCast
  • RANET Satellite Broadcast Service (RSBS)
  • InReach Pilot Project

Impact-based Forecast Warning Systems and Flood/Flash Flood Guidance Systems:

Other Projects: