Customized Training

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custom educational resources

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800+ hours of content

20 different topics

8 languages

COMET is world-known for the

  MetEd training portal that provides

    access to over 800 hours of online

     training available anytime,


  These training modules span 20

   different topics in the geosciences,

   a subset of which are available in

   other languages.

 In all, eight different languages

 are available to extend the reach

of this training.

     Distance learning is used

    extensively to provide high quality

  training to a geographically

dispersed audience.








üIntro to New Tech
üBasic Forecasting
üSpecialized Forecasting
üPost-grad Science
üTraining and Evaluation

example topics

3D-PAWS Training

ICDP utilizes COMET’s wealth of in-house training expertise to support the development and deployment of 3D-PAWS sensor technology. ICDP provides customized in-country training workshops. Training covers topics on how to fabricate, calibrate, deploy, and evaluate observations. Participants work in teams to develop practical skills in the following topic areas: computer programming, mechanical and electrical engineering, and atmospheric sciences. 

Operational Training

ICDP also specializes in delivering customized courses to support operational NMHS capacity development. COMET and ICDP have expertise in supporting observational system development (e.g. weather radar, radiometers, surface network design), forecast system development, and fundamental meteorology training to meet the WMO Basic Instructional Package – Meteorology (BIP-M) competency standards.